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WTContribute...kind of....just a little bit

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I have four orangy woodish look'n things for your pistol so you can grip'em. Just pay shipping and one can be yours for the price of $1,000,000.00drevil.gif papa needs new sharks with frik'n laser beams attached to their heads.




oh, and this saiga handguard here at the bottom too! No retainer though.I know, shits weak.


I will be shipping them in small, flat rate priority box= $5.20


I accept paypal(you pay any fees) or USPS money order


Contributors had their chance. anyone who wants one hit me up. one per member please.






ETA: AHHH yes, must post "ILL TAKE IT" all forum rules apply, timestamp in the thread rules. Only 4 to go around. And 1 handguardsold. 1 only. Thanks

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