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Indentify AK-47 or Saiga 7.62 x 39?

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A friend told me he purchased an AK-47 a couple weeks ago. I saw it briefly last weekend. Black plastic furniture. I did not pay much attention to what was written on the receiver but noticed the trigger was Tapco USA.


I'm assuming it was a Saiga 7.62 x 39 and not really an Ak, sound correct?


And also I was wondering why it came with a Tacpo USA trigger?

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There are hundreds of different AK type rifles imported and sold in the united states from a wide range of countrys, 95% of these different AKs will be fitted with US made TAPCO or other US made triggers in order to meet the US 922R compliance and importation law for regulated foreign made long guns.


Note: the Saiga is an AK and is in fact thee original Russian AK, and sets the standard to which the quality of all AK clones are judged by in the US and throughout the world

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A saiga is not an AK47 and actually there are very few AK 47s in America. Most of the AK lineage rifles in the USA are based on the AKM pattern which is newer and a bit different. Saigas are an AK lineage weapon system, but more similar to the AK 74/AK100 type pattern which is like comparing a model T(AK47) to a modern Mustang (AK100). The picture below is an original AK 47 Type 1 select fire issued in 1951. The small refinements over 60 years make the differences. The newest generation the Russians are working on currently feature hinged dust covers with rails and a special counter balanced dual piston system that acts to neutralize recoil forces. Bearing all this in mind, Saiga rifles are AK lineage rifles which are mostly imported with rearranged user interface controls like a longer hunting type stock and a modified trigger system, but the frame, barrel, and bolt/carrier are unmistakably of the AK family. The G2 trigger group is very commonly used in many AK type semi auto rifles,







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Oh God.....here we go....

Gotta love an informed comeback though. 7.62buzz is absolutely correct. But 7.62hammer isnt too far off.


To answer you question a little more briefly, there is really no way to tell if your friends ak is a saiga, wasr, maadi, polish, romanian, chinese, or bulgarian(I know I missed a bunch). By the law called 922r all 'assault rifles' have to have a certain amount of american parts on them, no matter what country they come from. So it could be any of these, Just having a tapco trigger means nothing. You need to look at the markings, and depending on which original parts have been replaced, you may be able to tell.

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