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A camera isn't a weapon? I could smash your head in with much less than a camera! I've had an officer hand cuff a suspect, once the right hand was cuffed a struggle ensued, the one cuffed hand became a weapon that struck an officers head, resulting in almost a death blow! Stick to shit you know, dude. As far as probable cause the suspect lied to an officer of the law, didn't co-operate and was arrested. simple.

Welcome to reality jerkoff... I can carry a loaded gun on my hip, and have a camera and NONE of that is probable cause for me to be detained, questioned, or for some trigger-happy twit to trespass on private property. The cop was wrong, he may be your buddy who you feel the need to stick up for, and I get that...


But here in the United States, people in most states don't have to bow, scrape, and show their papers to uniforms for engaging in photography on private property. You seem to feel otherwise. Please cite the law he broke. If he didn't break one, then kindly explain why he was attacked.


YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Your attitude and disregard for the liberty of any other human who isn't you or your buddy is sickening.


If you feel the need to respond to me further, do so in PM.


Guys, DO NOT ASSUME ALL COPS ACT LIKE THIS> This was one guy out of control and one other person defending him... despite the tape... I know 20 more peace officers who understand exactly why this was wrong and who are ashamed of these types of actions. Even this cops own department...


Colling has been on paid suspension since April 1. An internal investigation completed in July found that Colling violated several Police Department policies, but the specific violations have not been released.


Are there problems? Yes. The system is working... slowly.. but this is a long process. I'm guessing we are much better today than before cameras in many ways, but the adversarial LEO culture is getting more militaristic in others. I would say the balance is that we are getting better. Abuses must be handled, but we must be careful to allow cops to act properly against violent offenders as well. It is a give and take for both.


Are all cops bad? Fuck no. This is a social environment and training issue, nothing more.


Check with open carry groups in your area, they usually have details on contact with cops in each state. What is required and what isn't. Know the law for your area, and don't treat them like the enemy just because a few act like this.


Seriously people, if we don't start treating other with respect... cop and non-cops alike... this crap is going to get worse. We have enough bad guys out there without turning on each other.

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Everyone knows guns are illegal in Chicago so I call BS.

handguns are illegal in Chicago

Not anymore, the Supreme Court overturned the unconstitutional handgun ban in July 2010.


I'm sure the attacker had a Chicago handgun permit though wink.png


I was thinking you could legally own one there now, but not carry. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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I know Derek very well. He is a very good friend of mine and he doesn't lie. I asked him what happened and he said Crooks reached out to grab him ( just off camera on Crooks left side, with his left arm) and Derek took him down in self defense. He said he never hurt Crooks intentionally. Crooks was hurt when he hit the ground in an lawful arrest, not from police brutality. Derek didn't "beat his ass" as big-j suggests, though Derek very well could have, being, he is a Krav instructor. Things aren't always as they seem, in this case the bad guy, looking to make a buck, got what he was looking for. I wish he would try this shit with me, I wouldn't be as nice if I knew his intentions. smile.png NOTE: Crooks makes his living filming police! He was looking for a lawsuit and always does. Crooks is a Crook!


You Sir (and your dad) are part of the problem!!


So exactly how was the officer assaulted?? How was he imepeding an officers investigation at the house ACROSS THE STREET?? Your buddy is a liar. Its clear in the video at 00:45 the officer lunged at Crooks with his leading hand the hand he had outstretched already. It stands to reason Crooks's leading hand would be holding the camera, if Crooks had lunged with his left hand the camera would have most likely been pulled to the right BEFOR the officers "reaction" to Crooks. Instead it is clear to me the camera moved as a result of Crooks reaction to the Officers attack! Either way fucking self defense?? Come on man have you seen the video??

He never hurt him intentionally?? Then what the fuck is all this "world of hurt" he keeps talking about IN THE VIDEO?? I agree he didnt "beat his ass" as I consider an ass beating to be injured to require hospitalization, stitches and broken bones. BUT he was violent and I have no doubt he at least smashed his face in the concrete. I know how yall love to put your knee on the back of peoples head and grind it into the concrete!!!


Crooks told the officer right befor he was attacked "I do live here" at this point the cop should have politely asked for ID or proof. The cop was too worried about being filmed, thats the first fucking thing the cop says to him. Nothing pertaining to an investigation. Just "turn the camera off".

Camera a weapon?? Once again come the fuck on man, whats next cellphones are weapons? Oh wait I forgot anything a Cop determines to be a weapon is. I call BS on your handcuff story BTW, no way you can generate enough force through a handcuff that is already attached to one wrist. Maybe split him open but I dont buy that it nearly killed anyone.


This parts the best "I wish he would try this shit with me, I wouldn't be as nice if I knew his intentions. smile.png "

You make me fucking SICKanger.gif Who fuck do you think you are?? Judge and jury obviously. I wish you would come to my neighborhood and try that shit on my neighbor!!!!!

I bet you call every one else civilians too dont you? And people wonder why cops are being killed in record numbers. I dont understand why yall cant see acting like that you put your own life in danger needlessly.

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I am not comfortable with the "Camera is a weapon" train of thought. By that type of logic, we should all be Arrested for Drug paraphinalia for having plastic Baggies in our homes because they are what Drug Dealers package Drugs in!!

"Costco sized box of Ziplocks, eh Mr. Johnson? Put Down The Baggies!"

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Glad the good guy made out on the winning side.


A camera isn't a weapon? I could smash your head in with much less than a camera! I've had an officer hand cuff a suspect, once the right hand was cuffed a struggle ensued, the one cuffed hand became a weapon that struck an officers head, resulting in almost a death blow! Stick to shit you know, dude. As far as probable cause the suspect lied to an officer of the law, didn't co-operate and was arrested. simple.


I'll jump in this one: so if I technically can hit a cop with anything, be it even a pencil this gives a cop a right to start searching me? This kind of slipper slope is what gives cops a bad name.

Honestly they both did wrong, the cop should not be harassing people that are staying in their driveway and minding their own business ("Crooks, 37, was videotaping police from his driveway"...). He wasn't holding a shotgun that was pointed at cops or making nasty comments... it was simple he was standing in HIS driveway and videotaping them which is perfectly legal. On the other hand the guy shouldn't have lied to the cop and told him it's his house and to get off his property and go back to videotaping, unless there is a law stating that you do not have to present ID on your property or public right of way while doing nothing wrong( I don't know Las Vegas rules).


Another thing to add to this is that cops CAN lie but regular citizens can't, what kind of double standards crap is that? I have quite a large group of cop friends in Florida in various agencies and most of them are not power hungry assholes but what I dislike the most and where most of my disagreements comes from with them is that they are a double standard all-around between treating themselves and regular joes. If they do something wrong the union and department will shield them until there is no return and this double standard and "protect our own" makes me sick. I see it as nothing more than a organized government approved gang with that style of handling things and having separate way of treatments for LEOs.

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Not trying to start a fight, but let's say this fellow was caught by the police during, or after, a robbery and ended up with the same injuries. Would you still say that it was awesome, or would you instead claim police brutality? Just playing a little devil's advocate, to make you think.

I'm not trying to start a fight either, but thank God we have you to make us "think". smile.png Now to answer your question....I don't recall anyone on this board "claiming" police brutality based solely on a mug shot or a description of injuries received, do you? Typically such accusations follow.a video or description of the entire circumstances of the incident. We are talking about an unarmed citizen fighting an armed criminal with his bare hands. If police had caught up to the guy he would have and should have been shot unless he immediately dropped the gun. If a cop finds himself unarmed and facing this guy he his perfectly justified in beating him the same way or worse all the way up to the point where he is no longer a threat. If he was beaten after surrendering or being shot, that most likely would be a violation of law and/or departmental regulations, and thus....police brutality. By the way, non-LEO citizens are typically given a little more leeway in such matters because a crime "victim" usually has the disadvantage of being surprised by the criminal in question and more vulnerable. They also don't have the training to determine when a threat is over, or on proper justified use of force, etc, etc. I hope I covered everything.

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