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Which Pistons work as an s-12 Op Rod or Bolt Carrier Extention?

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Ok, this was always a part I didn't want to hassle with. I've been on the forum for maybe 3 years now or more, and I can only think of seeing about 4 threads for broken BCE or whatever you want to call it. To me that meant it isn't a common part to fail, especially since one had a Tapco MIM in there, and the other had a one off made for the small shop.


Now the new rules come in and my previously compliant builds won't be compliant with my five rounders. I want to keep my pretty wood, so this is the last easily changeable part. (except the temporary Saw grip which needs to go.)






My questions are:


1: which US made ones fit/ are the best deal? (i.e. any thing AK 47 length but not WASR... )

I know Cadiz makes a $30 fat one for the S-12.

It seem like the going rate for Tapco is $13 per, and I used to see a bunch of others for ~$7

PM me if you know of a real good deal.

I think Tromix used to sell one, but I can't find it anywhere.

RSA stainless. $14


2: Really not wanting to insult Mr. Cole or Shannon here, but why should I spend $30 to put a heavier rod in there?

Do these things really break enough for this to be worthwhile?





I did a few searches and didn't come up with much, so I hope this thread will be helpful for others in the same boat.

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