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We've Got a New Sheriff in Town -- WELCOME "AdminGirl"

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Well. . . perhaps she isn't that new to a few of you (such as the forum moderators); her profile says she has been a member since January 2010. . . but she is definitely new to me (ummm. . . errrr. . . which might not be say'n much 021.gif . . . . .018.gif).


Anyway, although she apparently has been keeping a very low profile within the forum. . . and likely may not want to be recognized; perhaps desires most to simply work behind the scenes quietly . . . . I gotta say that in a mere 18 hours she impressed the bejesus out me!


She was able to accomplish something that I had been horribly unsuccessful with for more than two years. She was able to get a cotton-pick'n completion date for my Saiga IZ-240 Rifle's conversion from Cem Esteban of GoGun (ummmm. . . of course, that still remains to be seen, but it is a hellva thing in my book regardless!).



Nevertheless, the purpose of the thread is to give a public "shout-out" of gratitude to Jane (a.k.a., AdminGirl) and to let folks know that Makc has a new Sheriff (although I believe he likes to refer to her as his "secret weapon" wink.png) working behind the scenes when issues are brought to his attention.


A very belated WELCOME to you Jane!!!!!



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Thanks Gary, I appreciate your kind words, but I don't think that I am not as good as you describe me biggrin.png


Anyways, I do work behind the scene here, trying to help Makc and others out. So I am happy to help any time – just let me know!



Thanks again,



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trust me, dont fuck with Jane. She may chose words carefully, but she will chose them. You can be assured.


Great gal, Max is a lucky man.


Dont get her pissed at you, cause Max's fury is the LEAST of your worries at that point!!!


AdminGirl (Jane) actually HAD to join ( I KNOW she winced at that thought ), just to be able to handle the donations accounts, and business accounts.


Max and Jane run this show behind the scenes professionally, and in a more than friendly manner in all concerns, In the many years I have known and been acquainted with them. This site is a BUSINESS, and always has been to them, and is very seriously dealt with by all concerned.


I couldnt ask for better friends, and I am sorry that I do not get to see them more.


Id do anything for them, there, over at MJS Global.


Great folks at the core. Cant get much better people, if you ask me.

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Maybe she could get a completion date for my 2 Saiga 12s.

Well Rob, Jane could likely get a date from Esteban (as she did for me). . . but in all likelihood it wouldn't be worth a grain of salt.


Esteban informed Jane back during the end of December that my rifle's build would be completed by the Nevada SHOT SHOW 2012. That was almost two months ago.


When it comes to dates, Esteban seems to lie to everyone.

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