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Check out arcticle on Saiga 12

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Yea... These people are full of shit!!!!


As it was one said and AK-47.net forum: "They should stick to simplier weapons, like single round shotguns!" (Actually, this article was widely discussed there...)


Look at the picture - these idiots do not even know how to put the spring in its place correctly!!! :haha:


With the spring sitting like this it is impossible to put the cover on, much less take it off...


The BIG guys like Remington & Winchester are the sponsors of these guys...

Why would they say anything good about the shotguns that are killing the sales of their sponsors???


Business... Business... Business...

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I just find it hilarious that somebody who doesn't even know enough about the weapon to install the receiver cover correctly feels that they're qualified to "review" the S-12. Not only did they not know the S-12, but apparently they didn't know much about AK's in general.. cause anyone who's handled one would know the proper way to seat the recoil spring and receiver cover.


Perhaps they should try reading the manual at the very least before "reviewing" a gun they know nothing about. :lol:

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from 2002.. I don't think many heeded their advice. Obviously They didn't do the first thing you always do before shooting a new firearm:


break it down, make sure it is cleaned and oiled, and put it back together properly.

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That is basically my favorite magazine, but it has many of the shortcomings of consumer reports. They only look at the most expensive offerings in each category, have subjective ideas about what is best for ergonomic issues... If they put it together wrong, that is pretty lame. For instance, in the current issue they say that for shotguns the only right place for the safety is on the back of the receiver. I vastly prefer cross bolt in front of the trigger. Their review pointed out that their preferred safety is practically unusable with a gun factory converted to pistol grip side folder configuration with a very tacked on stock. Their solution was to reject pistol grips rather than recommend that manufacturers build a gun meant for a pistol grip which seems to be the preferred format for defense shooters, and turkey hunters etc. (traditions are such a nuisance)(do a search for aftermarket stocks for any defense shotgun and see how many have montecarlo style grips vs PG. Manufacturers should pay attention)


The main thing is they don't consider parts and modifications. I think a lot of saigas would easily flunk the "does it work as intended out of the box every time" test. There are a lot of quality control issues with our toys obviously. That is their basic standard. It isn't a bad one. There are a lot of users who don't have the ability or inclination to fiddle with things.


Mine wouldn't cycle cheap crap reliably, and had a rough hammer surface due to cast or weld lines and paint build up that prevented trigger resetting.

It was an easy fix, and now the gun is way more dependable than a lot of $1200 walnut stocked ivy league guns, with a broader choice of ammo too.

I am willing do deal with that. (I wouldn't put up with that if I bought a platinum class benelli trap gun or something) As a consumer though, it is nice to know what to expect. I know that any reviewer has bias. The thing to do is to recognise the bias and compensate for it.


There are even a bunch of guys on this very forum who say stuff like "I would never use a magazine that has mis-fed." Even if there is an easy fix. If my family's life depends on it... blah blah.. ramble rant... I laugh and wonder what they are doing with a platform that regularly has gas ports so misaligned that it won't cycle? they fix the gas port and move on. They have a problem with their magazine and throw it away....

However you are very wrong on a critical point. The whole point of gun tests is that it is paid for by subscription only. It has no ads and no sponsors. They gave a very poor review to the Remington shotgun in the current issue. Their winner was an Ithaca pump that was much cheaper. their reasons seemed pretty sound too.


You didn't throw away your s12 the first time it misbehaved or FTE'd , don't just throw out Gun-Tests over one or two lame reviews.

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