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Gen 2 Promag 10rounders

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Any one know if the new Gen2 Promag 10 rounders are any better the the Gen1? I have always liked the feel, look, and larger base plate nipple on the Promags, but have had issues with them being tight at the neck causing feed problems. My AGP's have had no problems feeding, but the base plate nipples have both broke off from droppin them during emergency reloads.


Have they improved reliability on the Gen 2, and what is the difference between the Gen2 and Gen1 mags?

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Well.... if they haven't improved them, calling them Gen 2 would certainly be a great way to sucker some previously dissatisfied customers and unknowing new customers. They will have to be proven on a longstanding and widespread basis before I entertain the though of buying any. When it is common knowledge that ProMags are great, I'll buy some then.... and now isn't then.

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I bought two of the Gen 2s. At first I was dissatisfied with them due to FTE problems but found it was the shotgun I was using them in. When I opened the gas ports up I have yet to have any malfunction out of either. 300 rds combined out of the two.

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Ive bought my fair share of crap from Promag, but it seems like they are trying to make an honest effort to change their bad rep. I have the Gen 2 10 rder, and the quality is much different from the stuff I have previously bought from them. Only issue I had was one time it wouldnt feed while full, but this was when it was new and probably required some break-in.


I also recently purchaed a stock kit from promag for my 10/22, very very nice stuff. My recommendation is the new stuff is pretty good, but avoid the old stuff like the plague.

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I have 3 Gen 2s, If you have feed problems, rotate the spring. Not end for end, pull it out, remove the follower, rotate the spring 180* put follower back on and reassy.

This worked for mine, they work great, in a rear moment FTE on 1st round, but I have only had this happen on light loads.

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