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opinions on UTG Saiga Quadrail.

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I would like some opinions on the UTG saiga quadrail. Thinking about getting one, and would like to see what some users say about it. Also is there another quadrail out there close to same price to might be a better option?


I just put one on my x39 but I have not had the chance to shoot yet. I can tell you it adds weight. That doesnt bother me but it might others.

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I just got rid of mine. It is way too heavy compared to other options and isn't stable enough to allow a mounted red dot to hold zero. I've blown through a lot of money trying out various handguards and my advice is to really consider what you need rail space for. After much contemplation, I came to the conclusion that I really don't need it for anything at all, but that is just me. If you just want a flashlight or a spot for occasional bipod use, consider one of those short bolt-on tri-rails that clamps onto the barrel coupled with a small rail-less handguard. Hogue has a new handguard that looks good with optional rails but I haven't heard from anyone who has used it yet. I know their pistol grips are top notch. The deal breaker for me was when I considered how front heavy the ak is. The more you can remove weight or pull essential weight back toward the stock, the more balanced the weapon will feel in your hands.

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