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Just received my MSA adapter, I have a few questions

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I finally received my MSA adapter and before I start milling out my receiver I decided to see how my Pmags fit in there.


My first impression of the adapter was the release felt very gritty. I first tried a cheap lancer mag and thought I would have to break the mag to release it from the grip of the adapter.


Then I tried some of my mag-pro pmags and they took quite a bit of effort to insert, did not drop free and took a lot of effort to pull out. I do understand it's not installed in the rifle yet and have read some users have posted better luck with USGI metal mags.


Regarding the gritty feel to the release; if I push it to the side it will not spring back in its place unless I push it back. Almost as if the spring is too weak or some filing/lubrication needs to be done. Any suggestions on that part?


Also, can someone send the directions that MSA supplies with some of the orders.


EDIT: As Schultze noted they are designed for metal mags, looks like I have an excuse to buy some more mags now smile.png


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Yeah, if they are designed with metal mags. I have a bunch of P-mags and they are "fatter" than the USGI metal ones. People have complained they don't fit into molle pouches right either, lol.


Man I can't spell...

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