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Anyone know of a good Rail extension that doesnt rise too much?

I am looking to mount a scope on my SKS but want it a little closer to the eye.

Coming from the handguard rail on the Tapco furniture, so it has to have some length in it.

Don't want to go the Choate route yet and DEFINITELY dont want a dust cover mount.

Anyone know of anything that fits the bill?


Thanks in advance.


Picture posted for reference.


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If I understand you, you're looking to attach something to the rail on the handguard that will extend back toward the receiver? If that's accurate, it strikes me as having the potential to put a lot of strain on the plastic of the handguards, since it would essentially be a rather long class 2 lever.


One other option would be a Scout Scopes mount. It replaces the rear sight, so it would still be in extended eye relief territory, but it could give you three or more inches of rearward adjustment.

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Is the rail a machined part of the handguard, or is the rail screwed/bolted to the handguard?


In the case of the railed BPS02 mounts, the rail is a separate piece. I had to pull mine off to shim it.


the rail is part of the handguard.


thanks for the replies guys.

i will check out the scout scope mounts dr thunder.

hopefully i can find something at the gun show...

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Weird, but if you can't take the rail off the handguard, I'd also go for the scout mount.


yeah that sounds good and if i could get it to double as a shell deflector...

that would be awesome, cuz if u have shot an sks, you know what i mean about those shells hittin you in the head lol


has anyone ever had any experience with the scout mounts?

do they hold zero well?

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