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Finally converted! Thank you DINZAG!!

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Looks like a pretty toy. Very nice. I do have a question though When I actually ever get time to do my conversion. Will the ak pin bar to replace the shepards spring fit? or should i just use E rings? I'm going to have a melting ceremony for my shepards when i finish my conversion you're all invited.

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SO I FINALLY got it to the range today to finish sighting it in... It was off a BIT... but I got it dialed in quite decently.


WOLF black box 150 Gn FMJ would print about a 1.5" group... I had a LITTLE wiggle as I was using a front bag only, and a 1.5-6 power optic. But that was close enough for me to get a good 8 round group downrange and relatively tight.


168 Gn. Hornady HPBTMoly rounds went into about an inch... and 130 Barnes TTSX were dead on POA.


One thig I DID note was that 210Gn Berger VLD HPBT bullets did NOT shoot well at all... I put 5 into a 14" wide spread....with ALL at the same horizontal elevation... a little ODD if you ask me... but thats where they went... :unsure:


Still... Its all zeroed, and ready to rock and roll!!! Migh even go BACK to the range today and run some more through it just to make sure it stayed there overnight! HAHAHAH! :lol::up:





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The luscious blonde in my avatar is NOT Veronica Zemanova...










Is Veronica Zemanova.... She is CERTAINLY NOT the gal in my avatar... ( though I wish she WAS!!! wub.png )


Also... was at the range again with it today... the 130 gn. Barnes TTSX bullets shoot PHENOMENAL out of this rifle!!! 4 shots in one jagged hole... the other a half inch away that I KNEW I pulled when I touched the rifle off...




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That is a nice Saiganov bro! Vero's tits look just like the one in your avatar. Plus Vero was on actiongirls.com, that's where I thought the pic could have been from (site for nude models with guns - better combo than jack daniels and bacon!)

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Just a little paranoid advice from a militant libertarian... if you are going to publish pics of firearms, like it or not a bit foolhardy in these times, don't publish pics with the serial numbers showing...Electrical tape works fine.

Why? .... Seriously?...Think about it.


Nice conversion man.

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Not trying to be a dickhead.... but in all the Years since '04 I have been dealing with firearms online... I have YET to understand the problem with a serial number showing... care to enlighten me? any govt. agency ALREADY knows the gun is MINE when I did the NICS...

Is someone going to draw up bogus paperwork and claim i STOLE it from them??? Without MY signature on a bill of sale... all records still show it as mine in a court of law... so no issue there...


What am I missing?!?!? :unsure:




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The problem is not someone running a scam Indy it is one of precaution.


What is known about you or your possessions is debatable due to the unknown of compliance with the law by the various agencies of all levels of government.

Can they have the information? Of course. Do they have it? Depends on which "they" we are discussing. What value is that information? Depends on how malicious things get.


You want a reason? Don't make it any easier than it already has become, a piece of tape isn't all that difficult is it.


Until you have been involved in a house to house firearms confiscation you just don't realize how wrong you can be about things.

Your outlook and precautions change Indy, massively.


Do what you wish Indy was only putting up a suggestion not an insult.

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