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Brownells Handguard Retainer Fitting. No barrel Filing

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Ive seen on several post regarding the



The retainer does require fitting to use on your rife. Many people have used this on their conversions and filed the barrel of their rifle in order to make this fit. I however did not want to file a niche into the barrel of my rifle in order to put on a 23$ piece so I Used my dremel to file the center of the 8-32 thread steel cap screw well not the actual screw i purchased a similar screw at the home depot for 98 cent for 2. Then painted it with the rifle scratch pen heres before...



and after.... the black 1 is the modified screw


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The problem with doing it your way is that under recoil, it WILL slip forward. It is actually modeled after the TAPCO Galil retainer for Saiga. The slippinf forward caused them to discontinue the Galil saiga set up. The notch in the barrel for the bolt to go through holds it in place.

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i broke 3 screws trying that method. they continually slipped forward and i would retighten them. break after break.


put the retainer on the barrel, mark the spot and slowly cut to fit. try to reinsert a new screw until it makes it through. the normal ak barrel has that notch for proper designed retainers anyway.

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I didn't like the one from Brownell's for all the reasons mentioned.

I got the one from Saiga AK instead.

It's about as close to original as you can get, and it does stay put. It even has the bracket for the sling.

You have to file the cutout into the barrel, which wasn't too difficult.

There is a good video on it here.


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