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LONG overdue BIG thanks to Mike at Lone Star Arms!

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Sorry it has taken me som long to get back to this. If anyone remembers I was posting late last year about the complications I was having with my Saiga 12 cycling. This was after re-drilling the gas ports, polishing moving parts and a bunch of other things I tried to no avail.


Mike took my shotgun on as a donar project. Through the process he kept me constantly updated on what was going on and answered all of my questions completely.


Got my shotgun back VERY quickly and the work is excellent. He improved a lot on some stuff I had already done and a few other things I had not even thought of.


BIG THANKS to you guys, I really appreciate it!

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man how do i get on the donar list?! ive got a gun i would like to donate to him to work on!


As a "Thank you" to Max, the mods, the forum and its membership for their tremendous contributions to the Saiga 12 community, I choose a couple of guns from the forum each year for an LSA high peformance rebuild at no cost to the owner. The service is provided "out of the blue", to a couple of forum members who have tried everything they can think of, are at their wits end, and have not been able to get their guns to cycle to their full potential.


I read posts througuout the year, and choose the guns both randomly, and based upon the background of the build. For example, a recent project involved a gun for which the owner spent over $2,500 on parts and gunsmithing (elsewhere), and the gun was a total "non-starter", FTF, FTE with every round, and with every type of ammo. I chose that gun as one of last year's projects, we rebuilt it - and the owner is now very, very happy with it's performance.


I don't comment as much as I used to, but I do follow posts on the forum. The only way to make the "program" is to have a gun you have put your heart and soul into, but despite your best efforts - does not run reliably, or at all.


At a later date, it might be fun to go to a nominating process where forum members vote on and nominate the most "FUBAR" guns for the projects, but for right now - please continue to post as usual. For sure - sometime this year someone on the forum will receive a PM from me that their "misbehaving" S12 has been chosen for an LSA complete high performance rebuild.


Best regards,



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