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Timbersmith top forearm piece is loose

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Just got my Timbersmith Russian Red set in today. The top forearm piece is very loose in the rifle. I was thinking about using some aluminum foil packed into the cavity in order to stiffen the fit. Have any of you ever run into this problem before?


Also, the pieces do not have heat shields. Anyone ever remedied this?

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Sorry, no pics. It is loose as in side to side. It will rock back and forth till it is stopped by the bottom piece. Front to back fit is good. It is an Arsenal gun and the stock plastic top piece fit very tight, required the use of channel locks to remove.

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have you considered a spring like used in the original style wooden sets. should be able to find one pretty cheap.


here is a pic of one with an upper. im sure it wouldnt be to hard to fabricate one out of a thin piece of metal.



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Have same problem with Timbersmith upper handguard on my converted Saiga. Very very loose, rotates around the gas tube. There's like 1/16" gap between the metal and the wood all the way around. Very disappointed in what is otherwise a gorgeous stock set.


Did the spring work? If you ended up going with another solution, what was it? Was considering building up the wood with epoxy filler and re-milling it to fit, but thats a lot of work.

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Thanks for the update. I was impatient and noticed the sheet metal shims supplied with the stock. I took the two top 'T' shaped shims and forced them into the bottom of the top handguard, at each end. They molded to the wood with the sharp edges and spring-tension in the metal keeping them in, and the wood is perfectly tight on the gas tube now.


Don't feel like posting pics, so hope my explanation is good enough.


May go for the springs later if there is a problem after some range time.

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Opps, sorry havent checked in on the forum lately. Work and all that.


The two springs worked. I did not recieve anything except wood and screws with my set so it baffled me as to what I needed to do. The top piece looks to be routed for the springs I put in. Fits very tight now and I'm pleased with it.


The wife is also happy the purple furniture isnt on it anymore. I kept telling her it is called plum. She just doesn't understand!

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