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Why is this rivet here????

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I cant find a purpose for this rivet/post. On my gun, it protrudes slightly further than the front flat that houses an installed magazine. It catches and hangs up inserting the magazine most of the time, It holds nothing that I can see.


To clarify, if you look into the mag well, on the back side of this rivet head is a post about 5/16 in diameter. It is slightly beveled around the end. I am wondering if this was added to put tension on the magazine. I did see a picture of a 410 without this rivet somewhere on the forum. Seems odd that it is only on the right side if it was meant to provide a squeeze for the magazine. Anyone???





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Try lightly dremmeling te part of the rivet that is interfering with the mag. You only need about 1/16" of flat head on the rivet to have the full strength of it.

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I think it supports the front of the mag. It is larger in diameter and just as long as the the side of the rcvr. I would not take a dremel to it. Maybe file it alittle it might have a bur on it. Definetly supports the mag IMO.

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There is no shortage of internet pics of the 410 missing that rivet. Most I found are old posts so I suppose this pin was added somewhere along the way. It has got to be a tension pin. Likely to reduce mag rattle. Seems silly to add it on one side as it causes the mag to twist slightly. All my mags are worn much more on the rear right side from this slight cocking off center. I noticed that the sgl41 has a pressed dimple near the rear of the mag well. I assume it is added for tension. It is on both sides of the receiver (a good thing) I also noticed that the front rivet/post is still there on the sgl and still only on the right side.


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