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We have our new Raptor Tactical stock in.
Machined from solid billet. Has a built in QR sling mount and accepts Ace 1/2" and 1" pads.
Adjustable cheek rest available soon.
Works with all internal, external blocks and Tromix back plate.
9" long.




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Pretty sharp addition - just enough flare without being overly machined. Much better than the recent RJF stock.


Curious about the rear "raptor claw" Looks like it has a ribbed surface. Is buttplate the same and/or require an Ace pad?

Nice form, is there a particular function to it?



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The back is the same design as an Ace stock without the pad and accept the Ace pads. The bottom plate is like a meat tenderizer and is designed for CQB situations if needed.

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<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="D0KH0L1D43" data-cid="737051" data-time="1330026859"><p>

Damn, I already ordered my Tromix stock back in January. Haven't put it on yet but I do really like the look of your new one here! What a predicament I have here....</p></blockquote>



Aluminum Skeleton?

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