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ok your buddy ain t gonna be happy.....


NYC - NO concealed carry unless you have a serious need for it. like store owners MIGHT be able to get one. there is a 6 month wait, and you must be resident. your buddy might be better off becoming a politician to get one, as they seem to be the only ones able to carry there. NOT an easy thing CCW in NYC. you cant even OWN a pistol in NY unless you HAVE CCW and you have EACH pistol APPENDED to your permit.


another item of iterest. anything AWB-ish, even going so far as US PARTED LEGAL weapons, such as SKS and SAR1, well, you cant bring them into the city. the only ones there now were grandfathered in when that law went into place.


two good sources of info for NY gun laws are:


this one is general state law, direct from the assembly of facist NY, and applies to the whole state:




this link is for the rest of the laws, such as county and city specific laws, and might not be COMPLETELY current as it is from the ATF:




note that the second one is a PDF file, so you should just right click on it and "save link as" or "save target as" and save to your hard drive for easier viewing.


i would also like to note that a lot of these laws are in fact illegal and a violation of the law abiding citizen's rights in several ways. how they got in there, well, you got me swinging from a pole....it started with that illegal "sporting use" clause that that fucker bill clinton signed into play. now with hillary cuntin in the senate, not caring a damn for us NYers and too worried about her national picture, it might even get worse. so far, the republicans have been able to fight off numerous nasty bills, but sooner or later its going to tip FAR one way or the other, in my opinion.

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also, there are more links in the "Federal and State Firearms Laws, US Code of Law, and other stuff you should read availible here" link i have in my signature.


wolf: im talking NYC specific. the state is bad enough, NYC is ridiculous.

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Are you kidding?

NYC is about the worst place in the US.


They've done lists of who has CC permits in NYC.

Howard Stern, Donald Trump, Robert DeNiro, a few guys named Cohen and Goldberg and Nussbaum...

And even then, they are STILL bitching about 'limiting' them.

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Thanks for all y'all's help thus far, I really do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I'm a big combo of busy and lazy, so hopefully you can forgive me and offer even more help. If not, feel free to call it as it is and say I'm lazy and should look for myself, but what about something like a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 set up for tactical use? They are "long guns", so are they allowed in NYC that you're aware of? Or would they be considered too close to an assault weapon? Thanks for help you can offer, and sorry if my ignorance and laziness is wearing thin on anyone's nerves. It's just easier to ask than to thumb through pages of laws.

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those two should be NYC ok. a saiga12 might not be, as it is a kalishnakov action. it DEFINATELY isnt allowed in state with a PG on it or any mag past 5 rounds.


go PRINT those two documents i gave you links to and take the time to read them. the facist state of NY is all about violating your rights and screwing you every way possible.

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HAHAHA, you rule. I just hope Heller v. District of Columbia comes down in our (2nd Amendment advocates) favor, which may hopefully make gun laws a bit friendlier in places like NY.



I moved. I have removed all NY links from my signature. replaced with something a bit more worthy.
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i'm afraid it takes a lot more than a governor. it'd take a paradigm shift. let's just hope the supreme court will lay the groundwork.


i'm actually moving to NYC this summer and probably going back after i graduate. bye bye guns. :cryss:



I can give you the governor's address if you want to go bitch at him about it?
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I LOVE southern winters. I'm in NC right now, it was about 70 and sunny here too. My friend just got back from NYC today...she said it was cold, bleek, and supposed to snow/sleet.



I hear ya. hows the weather up there? I heard sleet and snow tonight :) I just got back from fishing down at the lake. didnt catch anything, but its about 70 out right now, and clear.
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