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I recently fell into possession of a Chaos 13" extended quad-rail for the Saiga-12. This is the one with the solid, single-piece top rail and no sights. Since I don't have a Saiga to stick it on, and I don't particularly like quads, I'm not really interested in hanging onto it.


The previous owner had a black enamel finish put on to make it "more closely match the color of the gun" (his statement, not mine,) and because he didn't like how bright the "CHAOS U.S.A." insignias appeared. The insignia lettering is still clearly visible. It also appears he had to trim the rear-lower receiver key very slightly to make it fit the gun. Cursory inspection reveals only one scuff mark, located inside a groove on the right rail. All screws are included, and are not buggered out.


Asking $120 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Pay by PayPal or USPS money order. PM if interested.


Now with photos! The first two photos were taken with flash on to give a better impression of condition, while the next four were taken with natural light only to give a better impression of the color. Unfortunately the natural lighting sucks as it's pouring rain outside right now, but I did the best I could. The last photo was with flash off and had the brightness and contrast altered so you can more clearly see what's going on with the receiver lug.















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