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Okay, drill weld, drill weld... and adapter is in! YAY ... and the cobray mags are underwhelming... WTF.


It worked with duckbills flawlessly and I'm getting fail to feeds with the cobray mags. Im thinking the Cobrays are going to go the way of the dodo.

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I have a yugo sks sitting in the back of the safe that hasn't seen daylight in 10 years. I have been debating this conversion for some time.


I can't believe how cheap this conversion is for the quality. Given the demand they could charge twice as much if they wanted to.


I have to say I love the look of your shortened barrel.


But I like the idea of keeping the full length barrel, and just replacing the launcher with a flash hider.

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Just noticed this thread and have been kicking the idea around for awhile. I'm not sure if I want to use my 53 russian as the donor. I'm sure most sks gurus would consider it blasphemy to do this to one.


Trade me the Russian for my Yugo and you can chop away with no regrets. I promise to take really good care of the Russian. :D

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Ok, this has been dead long enough. With the nonspectaular use of the Codra mags..... I hunted down a deal on a G3 mag adaptor and 2 modified tapco mags. It really needed a G5 for this kit and the G3 was a FAIL, so I sat down and made the G3 into a G5 with some time and effort. It works nice, and our buddy Mike will have to get use to mag changes because it's almost easier to rock and lock the mags in backwards.


I couldn't stand all that sheet metal crap on the front rail holder and rear mag catch. I cut all that out of the equation. I pulled the nutserts from the stock for all the mountings, relocated and reused less than half of them.


I mounted the front grip up through the bottom and the rear mag catch was cut alot more clean looking. I also added a rear sling mount point that swivels around.


The original holes for the nutserts had to be filled. I started with epoxy, then some bondo. Of course.... the locations were in a textured area so I need to retexture those areas with a little..... spray bed linner. smile.png Sounds stupid... but it works great. LOL


Time for some pics;






And The painting has begun!!!!! I got a mess growing with this project, but it will be worth it to see one of those "Happy Owner Smiles".




What a job with tear down on this Sg Works set, with a zillion little allen bolts.

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Paints done. I made a camo paracord sling for it. If Mike done like it...... I got 2 other options with a matching tan and a green. LOL < thinking ahead.


Here's how she looks, not totally perfect, but what is? I'm pleased.


I did it in Rodesian Camo with a Barbwire overview. Something different;




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Found your thread here from the sksboard and our Pms. Love the build and my Chinese SKS bullpup build has officially begun. Dropped her off to the smith today for the barrel cutting, crowning and J-Tac47 weld on work. Hopefully in a few months I will have some pics to post.


Thanks for the inspiration and great pics.

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Excellent resource thread; Thanks!.


Just ordered my Shernic kit yesterday after thinking to check back with them on production updates after about 18 months, LOL. Good on them! Will be using the same Yugo style SKS....


....ordered the gun orignally as a "very good to whatever" CRC, but it came as the most beat-up thing I've ever seen.... functions flawlessly, but needs to be exorcized!!!


Hope this Bullpup mod will do the trick. big_smile.gif

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Total bummer so far on this mod...


I've only removed the bayonet from the rifle itself. After the market went nuts I decided not to do anything irreversible...the grenade spigot is an immovable object despite propane torches, vats of penetrating oil, bench vises, and pipe wrenches.....


As far as installing the kit: I had to remove quite bit of material from the lower receiver piece behind the FCG to allow the "tang" (behind the trigger guard) to rest level. Before that, the first installation attempt resulted in the FCG being slanted enough that the trigger didn't function and the snap-caps wouldn't test-feed right....


Then everything seemed to be going well until I went to install the upper hand guard piece. The screws where too small to fit the holes......then after a couple of days of "time out", I compared the pictures of the pistol grip halves that I had to the ones in the instruction manual.....mine had no thread inserts for the upper-HG attachment!


I e-mailed Shernick a couple of days ago, haven't heard anything back yet...they're probably having an "Oh, Shit!" moment due to a QC FU, which is very unfortunate and hopefully quickly correctable....I really want this thing to work...I don't want to become the world's biggest expert on the mod by having to put it together four freakin times.....






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