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Which bipod for a saiga

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I got a bad upper shoulder muscle which hurts after a while when holding the rifle. I'm assuming a bipod would help with this. Which bipod would you suggest for the 5.45 saiga?

Since you're referring to the 5.45x39mm rifle. . . I'd recommend shooting from a sandbag-type position. Just find something to lay the rifle's forearm on, and then you should be cook'n with kerosene. Just something to consider. Bipods are indeed nice an all (especially when shooting higher caliber rifles), but they tend to be "just one more thing" attached to your rifle, that adds weight (for some, a positive thing I suppose) and detracts from the weapon's maneuverability. Just my two cents.

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I'd say sandbag it. Drilling is a perm mod, and IMO you will want to keep the bipod as close to the receiver as possible so as not to affect POI.


I blew out my shoulder teaching my son a football lesson a few months ago, so I feel your pain, literally, I sand bag it at my range, and use sling tension when not table shooting.

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I think shooting from a bag at the range is just fine, but if you ever have plans of using your Saiga in the field I'd get a bipod. I use mine for prairie dog hunting and having a bipod is a must for me. Carrying around a bag would be a pain.

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