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VISIT Starbucks on Valentines Day!!! (AntiGunners want to

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So the gun prohibitionists apparently think they have boycott power, want to boycott Starbucks on the 14th because they allow guns on their property.


I don't know why they bother. There are always more pro-gunners than antis, so it's pretty much sure to give Starbucks a great day's profit.


Spread the word! And buy some coffee on the 14th!






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My calendar is marked. I usually don't go to Starbuck's but I will on the 14th and I'll let them know why I'm there. And I'll write something on a ten dollar bill and put it in the tip jar. Even though I could open carry, there's no need for me to do anything I wouldn't normally do, which is concealed carry.

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The only Starbucks near me is in the mall... which is posted.

That's OK, they probably have no control over that, Go there anyway and tell them you support their national gun policy. Who knows, you might see some boobies, too.laugh.png

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If they were here in Missoula there would be NOWHERE for the Anti-gunners to get coffee! Open carry, and a Non-paranoid community! Ha!

Not to mention the high percentage of CCW holders!

It makes me wonder how off the wall these folks are??

Do they think THIS is how it is inside a Starbucks??


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My wife and I had a good laugh over this. What's the difference between "boycotting" Starbucks, and ordering one cup of coffee and then hanging out there all day, reading newspapers that that you didn't pay for, and soaking up enourmous amounts of "free" bandwith with your laptop? All of the foregoing - while "occupying" one chair and an entire table for hours on end - at the expense of customers who spend far more, actually tip the barristas, and stay only as long as it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee on their way to do something productive.


From our perspective - the idea of a bunch of deadbeat losers staying away from Starbucks for a day is a GREAT plan! We just wish they would make it a year round thing.


We're going to head over to Starbucks on the 14th for some coffee and pastry, and will pick up a couple of pounds of coffee to brew at home.

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that reminds me of this vid-yo!




i will show up that day too! i love capitalism!


does anyone know whether the founder etc is anti gun? i mean, they tolerate us, but is it only cause we outnumber the banners?

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It just occurred to me that if this were such an important issue for all the boycotters out there, then why can't they somehow live without going to this one specific coffee shop the other 364 days a year? Must not be all that important.

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They got my $4 today! And I sure thanked them for supporting the 2nd amendment! I was there around 10am and the girl that was making my coffee told me that there was a gentlemen a few minutes ago that told her the same thing! 027.gif

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Sad thing is the poor fuckers working there and making coffee have no idea about this more then likely.


UNTIL we tell them!!!


Stopped by last night on my way home from work with my Glock 20 on my hip. Got a few dirty looks from other customers but the staff was cool with it.




i am seriously LOLing while i am postn this!!! freakin love that song!!!


yes we have our problems, and aint perfect, but that song makes me feel very patriotic!!!

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Zombie thread!!! 010.gif


Evidently there is another Starbucks boycott day on saturday.




Gun Foes Plan 'Skip Starbucks' Day

(Newser) – A group of gun control activists are urging supporters to forgo their Starbucks fix on Saturday, in protest of a company policy allowing customers to carry loaded guns inside the chain's coffee shops. "Skip Starbucks Saturday" comes less than two weeks after gun rights advocates held "Starbucks Appreciation Day," grabbing coffee while carrying their weapons proudly, USA Today reports.

Starbucks says its policy is to "comply with local laws" on guns, but gun control fans have long pointed out that businesses have the right to ban guns if they see fit. In May, one customer in Florida accidentally shot another in the leg when she dropped her purse and the gun inside went off. "Many moms are unaware that if they take their children to Starbucks, their children may be standing next to a customer who has a loaded weapon," says the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the group behind the protest.

I don't even like Starbucks coffee but I guess I have to get a cup o joe on saturday. Because fuck you.
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