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Keepshooting 5 Round Mags on Sale

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really? That's the firs magazine failure from one of the good brands I have heard of in a couple years. That sucks.


My keep shooting magazine performs identically to the factory five.


I have also made a 2 or 3 round convertible plug for mine.

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Alright! Missed the Black Friday sale mags, so I just snagged 5 of these Keepshooting mags! Also got the 2 facotry mags from CDNN (as well as a black AK sling). Thanks Vicdoc for mentioning the CDNN mags, I usually pay $30 a piece at gunshows for factory 5 rounders so I'll take $25 all day long. exciting.gif Now I'll be 5/5 on 5 rounders!

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so will these handle 3" magnums unlike the surefire 12s?

From my experience they are best left to 2.75" shells. Twice they have jammed up with 3" magnums in my gun. Not saying it is the design or my gun or whatever but I had to disassemble the magazines to get the stuck 3" shells outs so I won't be using them in my gun. But they do hold up strong and can feed 3" shells with no problem.

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Ooh... This is interesting. I've been having a lot of trouble fitting my MD20 as well as my AGP10s. I was going to stop by my LGS this afternoon to see if they have any Izzy 5-rounders for sale. If those work in my gun without fitting, I might order a handful of these too.

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