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Reliability of 8" vs 10" S-17?

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I'm thinking about getting on the build list in June for an S-17 (I just got a nice tax refund and it is already starting to char my ass cheek).


I noticed that both the 8-inch and 10-inch versions of the S-17 have the same length gas system. Is there a significant difference in reliability between the 8-inch vs. 10-inch guns with low-brass shit ammo?










Also, sorta unrelated... I have a Tromix DIY trigger guard on my gun right now, and I really like the finish on it. Is the finish on the trigger guard the same Norrell Moly Resin finish that goes on the converted guns? I'm assuming it probably is.

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There is very little velocity difference between the 8" and 10" guns. Reliability seems about the same, but you'll get more muzzle blast closer to your face with the 8" gun.


The DIY trigger guards are Powder Coated. The guns are done with bake-on Moly Resin.



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Good to know, I got on the build list for an 8" S-17 last Friday. Stayed up until 1 AM on June 1st to order it. I can't wait!!!


Lucky dog cat.....If I ever get another S12, I'm going with an 8 inch Tromix myself

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