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I'm getting into AR building. Hopefully it will become part of a career path for me. I just bought some AR tools and slowly collecting stuff to start off cheap.


I'm looking for parts you are willing to part with. I don't want to pay retail or really even close to it as I need to lose as little money as possible when I resell the rifles. I need to gain confidence in this and that means building, shooting, selling.


Parts most interested in:


Stripped uppers

Barrel Parts

***Stripped lowers (if in the state of PA. I'll provide necessary documentation but I could deal with an FFL via ordering online)***

Buffers, Tubes (mil spec), Stocks (stocks are not that important. A2 buffers and tubes welcome)

Gas blocks

LPKs (unused or at least with all the parts)

Maybe other key parts I missed.


Not looking for everything, just stuff that is usually pricey so can start this on the cheap. I blew a bunch of money on the tools so I'm looking to ease the pain.


Let me know if you have anything. I'll do Paypal with no-description.

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I have a set of Brand New AR Carbine length handguards with heat sheid in top and bottom and a AR pistol grip.

Will sell both for $40.00

Also have a A.R.M.S #24 QD mount with a Tangodown battle grip to be used as a Vertical Foregrip.

Pm for more info

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I have a flat top complete upper receiver without M4 feedramps (I believe it's a cardinal forge). I also have an extra charging handle. I have a Magpul CTR stock (commercial) with commercial buffer tube. I have a few extra pistol grips as well (Magpul, Tango Down, Ergo). PM me and we can work something out.

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You do realize that unless you are a licensed manufacturer, assembling rifles for the purpose of profitable resale is a violation of federal law, right? You did mention just losing as little money as possible, so maybe disregard. Just looking out for a fellow boomstick lover.


If you're a licensed manufacturer, replace the above statement with, "Sweet, good luck with your new business!"

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I have some Centurion Arms cold hammer forged barrels for sale here....




These are very high quality barrels and they are machined from the same FN M249 SAW light machinegun blanks as the Noveske N4 series barrels. I paid $325 for the 16" middy barrel and $300 for the 11.5" barrel. I just need to move these. I also have a 10" Centurion Arms C4 quad rail free float handguard for sale for $190 shipped. The 10" C4 rail sells for $250 at most places without shipping. It mounts to a standard AR15 barrel nut and is very easy to install.

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I have 2 sets of M4 Carbine handguards with heat shield inside them. One has a MI 4" rail on the bottom. Both ARE BRAND NEW. sell for $20 each.

I also have a set of M16 rifle handguards that have heat shield inside and are BRAND NEW. Sell for $25.

Have pics also posted on M4Carbine.com

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