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I think someone slipped something into my whiskey last night.

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I haven't been feeling well lately and had trouble getting to sleep these past few nights. Last night before bed I did a little reading and also I enjoyed a glass of Gentleman Jack to help ease myself to sleep. I don't know what was in my whiskey, but WOW... I had an unbelievably crazy dream!


I dreamed that I was in my basement cleaning shit out of the cat box when a massive version of Tony's head exactly as pictured in his avatar came blasting through my basement wall a la the Kool-Aid man. In the process of doing so the damaged concrete cinder blocks in my basements became 8" S17 SBSs which were strewn all about as his head crashed through. Immediately Tony's head engaged in bloody battle with Paula Deen who was riding on top of a large praying mantis. Paula kept repeatedly saying "hey y'all" for some odd reason. Much to my horror, I suddenly realized I was somehow suddenly laying on some kind of examination bed completely paralyzed, as myself and 3 bug-eyed grey aliens watched the battle unfold. Then one of the aliens got right up in my face and stared at me with those big black eyes and then the dream ended.



Weeeeeeirdest dream I've ever had, hands down. Hahaha, anyone care to analyze that dream?

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I've had some wild dreams about my skydiving...

Flying canopies with line sets a 1000'+ long and being way waaay waaaaay behind the canopy's flight path by many seconds... Try staying in control of that SOB!

Jumping without a chute and landing on mattresses, points given for highest bounce, while crowds cheered.


But you sir, take the prize with that weirdness. amazing.gif

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Last time I had dreams that weird was after pounding a 5th of Everclear on an empty stomach.

Strange, I've never recalled dreaming while unconscious suffering from alcohol poisoning

BTDT with the Everclear.

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Oh hell, you got off easy. Just be glad there was no sex involved between you, Tony, Paula Deen, and the praying mantis. There, now try to get THAT picture out of your head. haha.gif


I cannot help but hesitate for a moment when I think about kicking Paula Deen out of bed. If I got a few heart attack burgers out of the deal, I might consider it. 021.gif

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