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Yeah the gov of Chicago recently proposed a bill that everyone in the STATE (not just Chicago) has to pay a tax on every registered firearm owned. His reasoning is that they want to "reverify" every 5 years that people still have thier firearms. Also the bill stated that if you have your gun (even in a case on the way to the range) and dont have your paperwork for the gun you can be charged with a FELONY! You guys are fighting for open carry and details about NFA - here we fight to just HAVE guns.


You've probably heard about most of this, but until recently there was a handgun ban in Chicago. Someone finally challenged it as unconstitutional and won, so handguns are now allowed (after you pay a tax every year and take a class) but while it was still in affect my brother while visiting me had an unloaded handgun in a gun case in his locked toolbox in the bed of his truck (the legal way to transport a weapon everywhere else but Chicago).. He was pulled over for making a right turn at a red light where it's "no turn on red". The officer asked him to open the truck door since his F250 is high up. When he opened the door the cop saw an empty box of ammo so he searched the truck, found the handgun in the locked toolbox and arrested him. He spent the night in Cook County Jail, had to get a lawyer, lost his gun, truck towed (and steering column broken in the process), and court fees. All of that for a 28 year old farm boy who enjoys target shooting on the farm he works at but will always have a tarnished record now with a gun charge against him.


Anyways sorry for the book I just wrote :)

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My Mother lives in Illinois... I just about refuse to visit her there, due to the fact that my wife and I will not go unarmed, placing our family in harms way without recourse of deadly force.

She can come visit us anytime she wants, being that her husband are retired, financially sound and it is just plain easier for them than us to travel.


Fuck Illinois, California and just about the entire Northeast.

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Nobody.. I mean Nobody has it as bad as we do in ILLINOIS especially in Cook County (Chicago and everywhere within 30-40 miles of it). ... I always say "I dont live in America, I live in Illinois".

Yup. Best decision I ever made was getting the hell out there. You should move to Free America before the state goes completely bankrupt.

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