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I have been pretty dead set on buying a nice handgun and then decided an HK45 compact with night sights is the way to go. I am now ready to purchase, but am having second thoughts and am starting to think I might want a Daniel Defense M4. I sold a few guns and right now I only have a Springfield XD(m) .45. If I bought the HK45c I'd probably sell the Springfield. If I buy an AR I'd probably keep the springfield.



Both guns are generally just for the range. The HK would replace my springfield for nightstand duty. Also I live in IL so no concealed carry yet..

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If you’re really completely happy with the Springfield keep it, if not try the HK if it’s got something that you think might fill what’s missing. The M4 would make more sense than two different 45 acps, unless you are really “the Shadow” then they need to be the same.


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Regardless of what you do if I were you I'd get the H&K over the XD. Especially for a nightstand gun. That grip safety is all kinds of wrong. Imagine waking up groggy grabbing the gun quick but not perfect enough to pull the slide back and chamber a round (if you keep the chamber empty). I just dont see the XDs as a serious SD gun. You need something with the least amount of things to look for and remember when seconds count. It doesnt have to be the H&K. Glock, M&P, Walther, revolvers, Kahr, CZ, Beretta...Some of these have manual safeties but they dont have to be engaged in the first place.


That being said, DD are top notch rifles. If you get it you wont be disappointed

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