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Well, this industry forum appears to be a zombie...

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It all started to unravel when Mike decided to abandon his loyal 20 round drum purchasers, We really wanted his double stack 12 round mag but, instead, he became more interested in the quad stack 7.62x39 mag. I'm sure this seemed like a great idea to him (though I'm not sure why and I own several AKs), but when one considers the great deal of competition in the marketplace for this concept, it doesn't seem like a winner. Regardless, it sets him against some formidable opponents with huge research and developmnt budgets


Mike, I don't know you personally, but I wish you would come back to us. We don't care about an AK quad stack -- we care about our Saiga 12s and reliable magazines for them. I own five of your 20 round drums (pathetic, I know) and I would buy twice that number of 12 round double stack (or more!).


My unsolicited advice would be to play to your strengths, abandon your weaknesses (where posssible), and know your market. We want your double stack Saiga 12 mag.


Best wishes,



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I would figure that he has decided to stay away from here, and spend his time being more productive.


Better for him, better for us.

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Totally understand that the guy must be busy as hell. With that said tho... I'm sure it would make A LOT of folks feel better to see him post a tiny bit of a update here so we could know what's been going on with MD Arms! Wish the best for him, and want to see all of his future products come to market. Just hope things are well for him.

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I'm still waiting on my free gas puck i was promised a year ago. I don't even have a saiga 12 anymore.

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