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Did anyone go to the Allentown Gunshow this past weekend?

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I was there Sunday and I gotta say it was not that busy and ammo prices wernt all that bad. A Crate of Yugo surplus x39 $245. Radway Green Surplus 308 $35/per bandoleer. I only bought 3 magpul pmags for my AR $15/ea and a few boxes of Ranger 9mm +p for $20/box, Avg price for 5.56 was $210 per 1000 rounds, commercial. And of course everyone was sold out of 5.45x39! Seems more and more people are getting turned onto this calliber. Might have to order extra crates just in case


On a side note I misspelled Magpull mags and google corrected it to MAGPUL PMAG. Google knows pmags..lol

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