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Took the Saiga 12 hog hunting (hunting pictures inside)

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I've posted pics of this shottie before and the groups it's held with the RS mount and Aimpoint. It always did well on paper, this week I got the chance to take it out hog hunting in NE Tx. The only thing I'm sad to report is that we had no scale and no way to weigh the boar I took. It looked big to me and my family who's land I was on and the 1st thing the guy at the processor said when we lifted the tarp was "damn, that's a big boar"! I know there's bigger ones out there, this is just my 1st time out in the field with my S12 and the biggest game I've ever taken. I wish I'd had everything in line to get a full shoulder mount, but I did not, but I was able to cobble together a DIY trophy. Hopefully you guys enjoy the pics.






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well done sir! thats a good hog. what kind of ammo did you use? hopefully the peta fuckers get to see this and get their panties in a wad! congrats!


and how long are the tusks? nice trophy man.

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The bottom cutters (top ones are tusks, the cutters are consistently being sharpened by rubbing on the tusks (believe me, this things are sharp too!!are about 5 inches long, but they're like icebergs, most of it runs into the jawbone which is what makes them so tough. Measuring outside the gum line they're prolly only 2"


We had some corn out and a brake light (red light doesn't spook game) mounted to a tree with a wire running into the stand where we could turn it on and off (about 30yds out and elevated about 8ft, There was biblical rain the day before, so we think most of the animals went to higher ground, as the 1st night,morning and day were unusually quiet. We got out there about 8:30, it was pretty quiet still until about 10, then the woods came alive, I mean WILD!! coyotes, mountain lions (or bobcats, I don't know the diff by sound, but it sounded like two Tom cats about to fight, but much much deeper) owls all kinda shit, sounded like a zoo!


My family said its usually alot different, they usually see tons of pigs. They say it's a sight to see and hear them come rolling in in groups of 30-as many as 70! but no really big males, (just like deer, the big boar/bucks don't get that way from being dumb and hanging around targets.)


I guess this one had stayed back while the others went for higher ground. This one had came up behind us and to the right (4oclock position) and was rubbing on a tree, I don't know how close, but I could tell it was big as I could hear the hair rubbing across the bark, it was driving me nuts not to shine the flashlight over there! He began zig zagging around us (as he did on the approach) but he stopped somewhere around the 1000 position. Some coons were out there packing up as much corn as they could (for about 2hrs!) after no noise of the monster for a while, I whispered to my cousin he must be assessing us, because we never heard him leave. Last time check was 1140 and we were gonna give it another hr. Around midnight I turned on the light to see if the coons had left and there it was just outside of the brighter part of the light, a nice big pink farm pig?????? I told my cousin "here we go, here we go". he looked up and whisper screamed "shoot it, shoot it"!! by then I had the S12 out the window and was trying to get a sight picture, but wait a minute, I thought he was pointing the other way??? I have a sight picture, but am I on the vitals, or the guts? Then he picked up his head a little and I noticed I was on the wrong end, so a slight adjustment, breathe press POW (talk about breaking the silence!!), when I got my sight picture back, it was GONE....GONE gone. WTF this thing is always so on?!?! I musta had hog fever...... But my cousin said when I shot it, it popped straight up in the air and took off.


So my cousin and I go over there and he quickly found some blood, then some more, and while he was finding the drops, I went ahead and wound up finding him just on the premise that if there was blood, the shot was right and it wouldn't be far. He wound up running in a C pattern with whatever wind was in his lungs ( I was prepared for a discomforting squeal, but there was none, while he did take off, he expired very quickly. You can see here where the Remington 2 3/4 slugger you buy from walmart did a great job. (It exited the ribcage as well) I wish I got more forensic type pics, but like I said, this was my 1st big one.


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Great story, thanks. Reliving the hunt through stories is half the fun of hunting.


You got that right, espescially knowing I can't get another vacation day until well into 2014, I need to hang onto this one for a while!! I went to things remembered today and had a plaque made for my mount, I'll edit this post with a pic soon.


eta finished mount.



I'm glad you guys enjoyed the thread, cause I 1st thought nobody would care. (negative thinker)


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