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My "new" Basket case Saiga

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Bought this off a guy that started the conversion and lost interest. I owned a Saiga 7.62 a few years ago and sold it(still kicking myself). I paid $50 for what you see here. I don't know if I am going to complete it or sell it. My biggest issue is the missing parts. I need to find a good parts schematic to see what I am missing. I figured I can't go wrong for $50. What would you do with it?










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50 bucks is a great deal!


Doesn't look like anything important is missing. All you need is a US made FCG, retaining bracket, pistol grip and nut, a US stock, and bullet guide if you want to run milsurp mags (US forearm or piston if you're running foreign mags).



There's a bunch of helpful conversion threads in here and at CSS.



Upon closer look I don't see a safety lever, hammer spring too...can pick those up too.

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He shoots he scores!! $50 is a steal. NMO pretty much said it all. Only thing I can see is if you wanna use ak handguards, you might wanna also get an ak gas tube, lower hg retainer and the handguards. Otherwise good deal

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As far as schematics...just google it, saw many there. Also plenty of disassembly/reassembly vids on YouTube.


To search this forum it is more effective to use google. Just type in Saiga 12 forum and whatever topic you're looking for. Enjoy your new project.

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