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Hello all,

Yes, I'm a newbee to this forum and new to the AK platform. Recently purchased my S12 and pleasently supprised with the first outing for break-in. Gun has 3 gas ports and shoots high and low brass well. Low brass does have FTE when shooting from hip, but I have a tac47 auto plug comming to correct that. I'm looking to convert it when I have a good base line of the gun's operation after break-in.

My question and one I have not seen in any threads (yes I have searched to not trouble anyone with my lack of understanding) is:


The Safety selector on this 12 has a stop for selecting the "fire" position (as all do), but I have notice the the selector will go past the safe position and continue to the point that the "dimple" in the safety arm rides above the top edge of the receiver, making it very difficult to return to the "fire" position. I don't like the thought of it cutting the edge of my receiver over time .

Is this "normal" for these guns or is this one of the variables encountered, and if not normal, is there a "fix" ?


Thanks in advance and have already found a lot of good info here!!!

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It is normal. Your dust cover should stop it before it can swing far enough forward to disengage. It is unsightly.


I know of two fixes:

1) weld material onto the back side of the disconnector to stop the safety tab as it rotates forward. (Tromix does this.)

2) make a very small step on the trigger leg where the safety engages before fitting the safety. 1/64" is enough, and you can push it past on purpose if you want to for dis-assemblhy.


Extra credit. Use a punch & drill bit to put a couple of Shallow detents in the safety scratch. Also, hold the axis of the safety lever against the receiver and bend the end outward to tune the pressure which the safety clicks home. This is easiest if you rotate the lever past the stop to 90*

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Welcome to the forum. beer.gif


GunFun gives good advice. Another thing you can do is try one of the aftermarket bolt on trigger guards, like Tromix makes. They have a built in safety stop. Here's a link to one:




On my 223 Saiga, I noticed there was a large amount of overtravel on the safety, and drilled and tapped a hole for a socket head screw on the side of the receiver to limit safety movement past what was needed. You can see the video of it here:



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I don't recall the size of the bit. I just tried to match it just under the size of the "dimple" on the safety. Another option would be a dremil bit, so long as you can keep it steady. Center punching the location is recommended.

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Thanks for the good info, the weld work to the back of the disconnector will be done when I do the conversion and I will follow the other suggestions as well. I had seen that input about the disconnector from you in another post, you seem to be very helpful on this forum!! Thanks alot



Nice video, It has opened my eyes to one very obvious thing ( at least for the experienced). The safety really is a shorter stroke than the markings indicate, I removed my dust cover and have found what is really needed for good clearance between the safety and disconnector in the fire position. I now have additional plans for the conversion !!!



Yep, as I have picked up on, the Autoplug won't cure a gas problem. I am looking into that issue to see if I have some irregular ports.

Also looking at the CSS puck, as I have read, it moves the puck closer to the gas ports, effectively increasing the pressure stroke lenght / time and should create a little more bolt & carrier speed.

I will be sending bolt, carrier, FCG to Pauly for his magic. I bet that issue will be resolved after these improvements!


@ preparehandbook,

I had thought of a slight bevel on the upper edge. I will be welding holes for my conversion, so refinishing will be completed after all work, that makes any alteration affecting finish irrelevant. I will be following Gunfun's suggestions and will adopt what Corbin has done as well.


Thanks for all the valuble input !!

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The autoplug will NOT fix your gun...


OP needs a Gunfixer plug, lol!




I'm joking.... I'm joking.... Sorry, I couldn't resist.



If the weapon is very close to ejecting every time, the CSS puck may get you there. However, I do not recommend the low power spring. You are probably on point with it needing more gas. It is a gas operated weapon. Best of luck and welcome aboard!

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Thanks for all the help and the welcome,

As I have read, studied, and explored. I have found that my gun to which appeared to be a 3 port has actually turned into a 4 port gas system. Removed the gas block, modified the opening and after trouble shooting a problem have it working like a champ!

if you are interested in the problem encountered, see the end of this post



This form and members ROCK!!!!!!!

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