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G2 Trigger not returning

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 10:14 AM

My double hook Tapco G2 trigger assembly started malfunctioning after about 500 rounds through my Saiga 12. It was modified for the Saiga before installation, and function had been fine. The gun was converted when new by a local 'smith about four years ago.

Starting just a couple of weeks ago, about 50% of the time I fired and held the trigger to the rear after the shot (follow-through for sighting in with a new red dot sight) my trigger would not come back forward and reset.

I removed the trigger group and found that the disconnector was binding in the cradle at each side where the disconnector axis came through the cradle. With the disconnector binding, it would not release the trigger all the time. Fairly obvious difficulty, but it seemed a little strange to me this would occur after a few years and hundreds of rounds through the gun. I polished the sides of the disconnector and the inside of the cradle, and while I was at it polished all the engagement surfaces, which had not been done previously.

Trigger is now 100% reliable, smoother and lighter (~3 lbs.). I have to watch my reset finger pressure as a double tap is real easy to do now.


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