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Conversion problem, trigger return spring moving out of place

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Hi all. I am in the middle of a 308 conversion. I got a complete conversion from CSS. Almost everything is done and I am reassembling the FCG.


When the rifle is almost complete with the trigger/spring/hammer and retaining plate, during function checks the leg on the right side of the spring moves from the rear of the trigger (where its supposed to be) and falls inside of the trigger group. The spring is the factory one, and the rifle only has a single "hook" cut in the receiver.


This causes malfunctions and the trigger will not reset/clear with it falling in there. I know I am installing it right. Do I need a new hammer/trigger reset spring? Did anyone else have this problem with their 308?


Thanks for the help, I am so close and didn't expect this to be an issue??!

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yuppers... thats it... Had that same problem on Word's S12 conversion a few weeks ago... Bend it outwards towards the receiver and then put a little tweak in it to return the back end towards the trigger so it seats correctly... SImple thing with a pair of needlenose pliers... might take a twist or two to get it just right... but thats all there is to it. :up:



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Thanks for the help everyone! This was the issue, and I bent the spring accordingly. This forum is awesome.


On another note, how does one go about getting rid of the slop in the trigger (side to side). A washer or a cotter pin? What size?


Washers work fine for the most part and so do springs I suppose. What I used on my G2 trigger was a piece of nylon tubing on the safety side of the trigger assembly to take up the slop.

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