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anyone use tapco nato stock with single point sling? help

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hey fellas i recently bout a urban ert single point sling and absoultly love it. well i also bought a vortex sparc and a tapco orginal nato stock.. well i just realized that theres no single point attachment ring on it on the front.. theres one on the back but not the front.. anyone use one of these? anyway to modify it or buy a attatchment for this delema?? thanks guys...


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I have my single point attached at the front on my T-6 buttstock, pretty much like you show in your pic, it works fine for me like that, I never cared for it at the rear of the stock. I adjust it so that the rifle basically hangs with the pistol grip at a little above waist level, with my hand comfortably on it so I can swing it up and to my shoulder easily.

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There are doohackeys occasionally called "sling mount plates" that fit between the pistol grip and the receiver. They have steel loops that will work with the mash hook. I've also seen cuffs made out of nylon webbing that cinch around the wrist of the stock and have D-rings for attaching hooks and clips.

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Im sure you can find a strap from an old back pack, or maybe tie some paracord and at least get your sling attatchment six inches forward. It may not stay right at the receiver, but it wouldnt go past the hump in the stock.


The sling swivel is a genius idea. Thats called using what you have. There is always a houshold option for little things like this. You just have to take the time to make sure it will stand up to abuse or theres no sense messing with it.


I mounted a sling swivel studs at the rear of the receiver. It works well for me.

How did you mount it? Just drill a hole and bolt it from the other side?
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