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Picked up a home converted Saiga today how did I do?

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I'm semi up on AK value, so I think I did pretty good. I paid $450.00 for this:


I plan to run it tomorrow to make sure there are no issues. Where is a good place to get the parts to put the standard handguard and parts for it? Apex has a 5.45 parts kit that looks like it might have everything I need other than the black plastic hand guards. Any recomendations?

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I think you did pretty well for the price. That model has magwell dimples and what looks like a proper FSB with 24x1.5mm RH threads and a bayo lug.


That pg looks like the one that comes on a lot of Century yugo rifles. I'd replace that at a minimum, but it sounds like you already plan to swap it back to 100-series type furniture. If I were you, I might just buy a set of black K-Var poly furniture, that way it won't count against you for 922r. You can install it by using a bolt-on handguard retainer, which I believe is available from CSS or dinzag. You'll also need a new standard gas tube to accomodate the upper handguard. Here's one: https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/products_id/1212


Congrats on the nice new(ish) rifle, man. :beer:

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I would say you got a pretty good deal! New, unconverted Saigas are going for $350-$400 (and up!) so you spent ~$100 more and had someone do the PG and bullet guide work for you.

I have Dinzag's bolt on retainer installed for about four years now with ZERO problems.

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I paid $319 for mine three days before Classic's price jumped to $349 and then they went out of stock, and prices went on up and up from what I've seen at other dealer's websites. You done did good there...

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