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I'd like to sell you a "band" new one, but all I have is this "brand" new one.


I've recently come to the conclusion that the black hole in my wallet (known as my Saiga 12) needs more room to expand. I am offering my brand new, in box, Saiga 7.62 model IZ-332 that I purchased a month ago from Legion. This is the one with the pre-converted frontent for that oh-so-sexy original AK styling.


This was purchased for $469. I am offering it for $450 (OR BO) AND free shipping, a STEAL. I recall that fedex ground is the best way to go with shipping rifles.


I had ambition to convert it, but my resolve has dwindled along with my cash to do so. Was only test fired with 5 shots. Collectively, its been shot 6 times. NO modifications what so ever have been performed to it.


Comes with: NORMAL factory stuff (oil, cleaning kit, papers, etc) AND (4) 30 round tapco mags. (Note, I modified 2 of the mags to fit, the other 2 you must fit yourself)


Naturally, I will ONLY ship this to a registered FFL.


Payment is personal check or money order. PM me. If you want better pictures go on Legion's website.








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