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Saiga 12 aka "Money Pit"

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well, it's no wonder you call yours a "money pit", 95 percent of all that stuff you bought isn't even needed or necessary.




Here is a rundown of my SBS



$650 S12

260 triangle folder

65 front latch

6 MOLOT grip (bought a bunch when they were on sale)

7 grip screw and bushing

7 FCG retainer plate

25 AK Builder trigger guard

6 rivets

10 Saiga rifle handguard

200 tax stamp

80 engraving



$1316 (unless my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, lol)


I consider it a success when budget is compared to the actual results.


Yeah but looking at that build there are far more internal parts designed for better function. I can understand how folks that are new to the Saiga might go crazy slapping accessories all over it. I used to have tac light on mine but thats gone as I can see no reason to have it there. I have no quad rails, professional polishing (I did mine myself) etc. Too each their own I guess.


Money pit? Nahhh....

Addiction? You could say that....




And WHY do you need four S12's?


At some point you get beyond need and can focus on want.



Yeah my GF wants 15 pair of black shoes valued at $500 a piece. Want can be expensive but if you got the cash. I prefer to have different guns for a different experience. One S12 is plenty for moi.

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I have a wife and 3 kids to leave things to when I pass. I try to have at least 4 of everything in hopes that it will minimize arguing when the time comes to split it all up. Anything left over goes to my brother. It is rooted in generosity.... not greed.

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Nope.........That would be Tony Rumore !!


Sam Colt, Jeff Cooper and John Wayne aren't men known by pompous, contrived nicknames....and neither is Tony Rumore.


John Wayne's real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison. Thats right, Marion. I'd have changed it too.

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Thats right, Marion. I'd have changed it too.


Well, at least he had something to work with, "Mitch Morrison" wouldn't have been bad. A whole lot better than something really weird like Archibald Leach or Maurice Micklewhite.

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If you think this is expensive, you should try racing...


Been there, done that....now I'm selling performance parts to buy shotgun parts....and ammo.


Oh, btw, I've got a great set of BBC headers for sale...pm me.

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