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IZ-340 Conversion - Thread protector removal

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I haven't seen these yet, so I'm not sure how they're attached. Usually thread protectors are just tack welded - one little blob of steel "permanently" attaching the thread protector to the FSB. If this is the case, carefully cut or grind away the spot weld. Take your time with it. Remove material, clean, see how much material is left to remove, repeat - you want to remove the absolute minimum amount of steel possible. You'll want to refinish the little bit of bare metal left on the FSB. I usually use a little bit of cold blue to clean up after I do this on an AKM.

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I just cut one off last week, mine had 5 spot welds, I used a cutting tool on a dremel and carefully ground down the spot welds to match the contour of the fsb and shroud, when it didnt come loose I worked my way in to the shroud until it did. pulled it off, ground down the remaining bits and was good to go, shot it last weekend and couldnt be happier.

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I removed the plunger and spun the rifle on my lathe: The plunger drops out the back of the FSB. Clamped the thread protector in the chuck and supported the rear trunnion in the tailstock (wrapped it with duct tape to protect it). I used a 3/32" cutoff blade to cut the rear or the thread protector loose, then finished with a dremel.


Looks pretty darn good.




PS: Got the whole thing converted in about 6 hours, start to finish.

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