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Conversion question of course? Pistol grip nut/ retaining plate

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Just getting ready to purchase the goods for my conversion. 7.62*39


Picked up a tapco g2, gonna order the rest

My question: Do the trigger guards that come with the built in pg nut, come with the screw? http://ramsfs.mybigcommerce.com/ram-stg2/

or do I have to order the screw as well?


Also what is easier and or better the tapco retaining plate or the shepards hook replacement thing? http://dinzagarms.com/misc_parts/akretp.html


Thanks guys cant wait to get started, I have had the rifle for a year now, and its killing me to get it done.

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I think the retaining plates are easier, they are basically drop in on the .223, 5.45x39 and 7.62x39, at least in my experience. However, I used a shepards hook on my .308 conversion as the retaining plate required to much fitting to my liking to work on it. Most pistol grips will come with their own screw. I haven't used the trigger guard that comes iwth the built in pg nut, you might contact the vendor to make sure you got everything you need.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I just wasnt sure, because I have the tapco t6 with pistol grip attached. So either the kit comes with the hardware or I can reuse the screw that is currently in.


Do you have this stock http://store.carolin...NTRAFUSE/Detail?




This one http://store.carolin...BLE-AK47/Detail?


If it is the first one, it is for an unconverted Saiga and the pistol grip screws to the stock. If you are moving the triggergroup forward using this one you will have to move the pistol grip up to the original AK position in order for it to be in the correct place. I have one of these laying around, I will have to look at it and see what screw the pistol grip used. You will also have a little long area of the stock right behind the receiver which you wont have if you use the second stock mentioned above. If doing the conversion where you remove the sporter plate, you will definately need a pistol grip nut. You will probably need a different screw as well.


If you get one of the kits from CSS it should have everything you need in it. Hope this helps.

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