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.223 5.56 brass for sale now......many other calibers will be listed s

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1 K .223 range brass lake city and federal headstamp for sale 66.00 shippedUSPS.


Can do discounting on shipping costs if multiple items you want all fit in the same flat rate box


.40 S&W 50.00 per thousand shipped

.45 ACP 60.00 per thousand shipped

.45 GAP 20.00 per 200 shipped

.357 sig 20.00 per 200 shipped

.44 mag 20.00 per 100 shipped

30-30 25.00 per 200 shipped

30-06 25.00 per 100 shipped

Have several thousand to sell. will also be listing 9mm, .357 sig 40 s&w 45 auto, 30-06, .308 in near future, let me know what you need.


discreet paypal using gift option or add 3% and use regular paypal payment, if you dont have paypal then a USPS money order will work also.




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