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LOVE my Tromix!

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Just a props to Tony and crew... I freaking LOVE this thing!!


Only have about 200 rounds downrange so far, but it's a blast to shoot. Popping away at the range, testing this ammo and that, it's fun to have other shooters wander over to see "what the hell I'm shooting" (quote from one guy). Today a group of guys and gals was shooting at bear targets, complete with one on rollers to be pulled in close, and it's funny to see a couple of guys watching ME dump some mags as opposed to watching thier crew shoot. haha.gif


Hell, I'm thinking of a 2nd S-12 just because this one is so much fun to shoot. Thanks Tony and crew!!!!!!

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To me, the coolest thing about a Tromix is that it actually looks like a factory build.


So many conversions look "rigged-up".

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hehe... checking some Wally World bulk cheap shit.




Another guy there testing a slidefire stock on his .308 Saiga took this with his iPhone



EDIT: hmmm... gota figure out embedding with vimeo. Until then, at least the link works

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The thing is, Jim, as much as you love your TROMIX now...........Believe me, it'll continue to grow on you !!

Fit, finish, and function on a TROMIX gun is second to none !! Enjoy !!




I've had my 10" S-17 for years now (and several other TROMIX guns), and they're all STILL my favorite weapons !!

It just doesn't get any better than Tony's guns..............

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Sooo TRUE Swissy Jim & Jeaux E!! Aside from my .22's my S-17 gets the most play time and rounds down range. big_smile.gif

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post-3950-0-27016500-1346519500.jpgSpeaking of .22's and TROMIX in the same breath, while sitting in Tony's office at the Compound a couple of weeks ago, Tony pulled out a couple of these rascals.......... HK 416 .22 LR HV (Pistol)......... HK branded, and manufactured by Walther. Really a kick-ass little shooter !!

HAD to go get one !!

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