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Latest Conv with Krebs sight/gas block and lest side charger

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Ive been waiting.....and waiting......and waiting for Krebs to finally ship their lastest gas block/sight and last week it finally came in. startest as the $289 classic saiga that was sale awhile back. gas block pressed on and silver soldered.

I welded up the extra holes and filled the checker board for the the raa on right side.

threaded barrel 14x1L and installed a lock nut and the smallest brake i could find...a tapco.

tech-sights (friggin love these things!)

1187 combat charging handle welded to bolt and new top cover cut.

the grip/stock from the guy selling these on the board.

the rest is tghe usual dinzag part conversion, trigger parts bullet guide etc etc.

finished in duracoat, aug green



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the gas block was for cool factor only, really doesn't do anything better bigger or faster. just wanted to do one with it. the left side is really the best thing next to the tech-sights that i have done. the handle just works and is the right place for it. everyone who has tried it likes it. i may even cut and grind clean the stock handle.

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