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Questions on Phantom FH install

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I just got my new Phantom flash hider in the mail from CSS. Now I'm not sure how to proceed with the barrel threading. The thread depth on the Phantom is 9/16 of an inch. The depth to the stopping point or wall is 11/16 of an inch. Do I need to cut my fsb back enough for the barrel to screw completely to the inside of the phantom, or do I just need to go the depth of the threads and index it where it needs to line up on the outside? It seems like to me that it would need to flush fit to the full 11/16 of an inch. But, that would cause problems when indexing it, right? Does it matter if there is a little pocket space between the barrel and the inside wall of the Phantom? Thanks for any help you can give me.


P.S. In case anyone is confused or doesn't know what I am talking about when I say wall, Inside the flash hider is the threads, then a small space, then you have a wall with a hole in the middle which the bullet passes through, then it opens up to the rest of the flash hider.

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Is there any way that the air pocket between the barrel and inside wall of the flash hider can have an effect on ballistics? Did you notice any change with your gun? I cut my shroud as close as I could to the fsb with a small pipe cutter. It only exposed 9/16 of an inch of the barrel. Would you recommend that I try to cut a little more off with my dremel or just go with what I have? Sorry if it sounds like I am beating a dead horse. I just don't want to mess this up, and I am paying someone to thread my barrel. Thanks

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