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I was converting my S-20 today when I decided to try my Dremel #115 HSS cylinder cutter to grind down the rivet heads instead of my usual mounted stone bit.



Picture from Buy.com


I had mistaken it for carbide, but it is actually HSS. Still, the thing ate through all three rivets faster than any abrasive point I've ever used. Unlike the abrasives, this bur didn't create any dust, only some fine, steel shavings.


I checked the edges after the job, and it still looks good! Even running at top speed in my rotary tool has left it looking fine. It's a nice bit of kit if you're looking for a good rivet decapitator.

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I haven't shaped steel with that, but I use the same bit for aluminum and plastic frequently. I've used it for wood too. With aluminum, the thing is to keep the RPMs maxed so as not to give it a chance to bite deep and clog up. It also reduces chatter and makes for smoother cuts.


It is how I contoured my pistol grip, and did some shaping on the Ace adapter I made. We also used it to remove metal from a scope mount for Salt's Mosin Nagant. A real carbide die grinder is way better, and each of the jobs I listed would have been better with a band saw or belt sander, but it worked well enough.

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