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FS: Cool But Useless Tactical SXS Shotgun

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I have over $450 and a lot of labor in this but I'll let it go for $600 plus shipping


This started life as a brand new Stoeger SXS Coach Gun. I did all of the modifications









This isn't my go to gun, it's just something I did for fun, however, the mods I made do have advantages:


  • The gun is only 30" long with the stock collapsed
  • The pistol grip reduces recoil, helps maintain control the gun better and makes the heavy trigger pull feel lighter
  • The tri rail in the front gives you more to hold onto which helps bring it back to the target faster
  • The G3 sight allows for extremely fast sight picture.
  • The overall design of the gun allows you to shoot it with your elbow tucked against your side with your head in a normal position, not squished against a stock to get good cheek weld.

If you are interested send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com







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