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I've wanted a tonneau cover for my truck since I bought it. The cheapest hard cover I could find searching the webs is about $1400 after color match painting. Not satisfied with that, I went and got some 1"x2" tube steel, welded up a frame, covered it with 1/2" solid core plywood, painted it inside and out with 3 coats of enamel then covered the outside with 3 coats of Herculiner. It cost me about $230 including the hinges and seals. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Now I need a tailgate lock and it'll be set!





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Thanks, Kenny.


Nope, only 65. I'm old and slow now. LOL. I have alot of faith it's not going anywhere.

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Thanks guys. The Herculiner is easy to work with and gives a great finish. Make sure you glove up and wear long sleeves, though. It's tough to get off it it gets on you. I spliced the plywood with a biscuit joiner and put the splice over a cross piece. The plywood is glued to the steel frame with gorilla glue and screwed every 6 inches with 1/2" X 10 sheet metal screws. Drilling all the pilot holes in the steel, then drilling 1/2" access holes in the bottom side for the screwdriver took the longest, but was worth doing it that way for the good surface on the top side. It's hinged with three 4" hinges gorilla glued to the plywood and lagged into the truck box rail and ratchet strapped from the interior box tie downs to the steel frame itself. It's sealed with two rows if 1/4" x 3/8" self-adhesive hollow "D" foam weather strip. It weighs about 65 lbs.



It's strong enough that my wife and I were on top of it to see the view.

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