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Oh my yes..We have no say in our own protection from ourselfs..and should never question their judgements..our current situation reminds me of a short story I read once..It was about devices made to "protect" humankind..and it was quite a dark read..ended very bleakly as well. Although fiction, some elements of it are fast approaching..and WE have a chance to change the ending...If WE so choose..?..Will WE?


BTW The young lady in question has chosen to use a public defender in her first court apperance.

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Well she certainly has good taste in firearms.

Terrorist my ass!   More like a Patriot!

"Celia Alchemy Savage" is a pretty sweet name too.

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Just so you'll know, the article linked to in the post above is from 7/6/2012, day before yesterday. I reread the post above and it looked like I just commented on the OP which was about a month old but the article from the AJC is new with new info.

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The weapons charges will be trumped up. The drug charges will be trumped up. She is guilty of putting to much info on the web, and having our pathetic police state salivate over the thought of having a neophyte self incriminate herself via Facebook and YouTube.


The Feds will throw the book at her in an attempt to scare others and gain PR points with the yellow media. She stands as much of a chance at getting a fair trial as George Zimmerman does.....

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Initially when this thread started the drug charges were ambiguous, nothing specific. But she's basically admitted to certain things that won't need much trumping, especially the meth. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out because if someone who looks like me were facing these charges they'd probably die in jail for sure. I hope her life isn't FUBAR.

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