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Nice grips. Wonder how they would look on my stainless TLE?


They would look kick ass on your stainless. My father has some on his stainless Kimber 38 super. The maker of the grips is Collins Wood Crafting. He does beautiful work with grips. PM me if you want his webiste info since I can't post it since he's not a vendor here.

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Nice and simple 1911. Easy to take care of finish and the stag grips really set it off and add a touch of class. Everything on that pistol means business except for the grips that distinguish yours from all the other stock ones. I love the contrast the grips have with the matte black finish of the pistol. The sights could double as hammers and the trigger and the hammer look high speed.


Perfect addition to any collection. I'm more into the colt but my old man is into the kimbers and they do make some really nice stuff. This model is a great value and shines above most everything else in it's price range. I bet you will love plinking with it.


Have fun at the range. I bet you are itching to take off from work early and run a few hundred down the barrel!

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Up until recently I was a Colt guy. Still like them, and will still buy one if I find it needs a home. My old man got me into Kimber. He's also a Colt guy, and prefers the collector grade models. He is also the on that turned me on to the grip maker. He's got several pair of stag, and mammoth from him. Some of the mammoth grips are beyond comparison beautiful.


As for price. Yep they cost $$, but they are one of a kind. I can't take it with me when I die so I may as well enjoy it while I'm here. I'll be buying more to outfit other 1911's as I acquire them.


Bonus: They are eco-friendly since they are 100% recycled. haha.gif

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Are the grips worth as much as the pistol? Sometimes it looks too fancy on a gun. Like in stainless. On black it looks really good.


He usually gets around $260.00 for the Sambar Stag. I got mine from him at the Tulsa gun show last Nov. for $200.00. My dad was buying a couple of pair of stag and mammoth so we got a discount for the package purchase.


My Dad just had a Colt done with a Cattle brand engraving by David Harris and had it silver plated, and used stag grips on it. Very nice example of the era and style. But now it's a collector piece and not shoot able.


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