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VEPR 308 27" First Review

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Well, I took my brand new VEPR 308 27" out into the desert for test firing.


Currently, the rifle is stock as it was imported. Fit and finish are fine for a new firearm, and excellent for an AK variant. I was expecting the rifle to heft more, given its nearly 9.0 pound weight (empty). It shoulders easily and quickly, and isn't subject to much wavering, as long as you haven't just finished shooting over 200 rounds in 103 degree heat.


The trigger pull is long, vaguely resembling a 2 stage trigger with a light gritty first stage and 5 pound second stage with a little bit of creep, and a surprise break. I think the trigger could improve a lot with some polishing.


Recoil was very light in comparison to a bolt action 308. Maybe as low as half the recoil. Accuracy was good, considering the conditions. Shooting with iron sights at 100 yards, from a rest, I was able to get a few 5 inch groups. With a Leupold FX-3 6x scope, I was able to get some 3 inch groups. However, the temperature was 103 and without even touching the rifle in the rest, the crosshairs were bouncing from the top of the 4 inch target to the bottom, just from the heat distortion in the air. I am not an excellent shot, but I think under ideal conditions, I might be able to consistantly get a 2 inch group, after I learn the rifle and find a cartridge it likes. I do know that the rifle is capable of minute of boulder accuracy with iron sights at 300 yards.


I chronographed 5 factory loads. 10 rounds each, 103 degrees ferinheight, 2100 feet altitude, 308 Winchester. "Factory" number is the manufacturers stated muzzle velocity. All numbers given in feet per second.


Bitterroot Valley Ammunition

150gr Grand Slam

Average: 2845

High: 3158

Low: 2734

Factory: 2550 (This is suspect, as it matches other factory stated velocity at 100 yards.)



150gr Express Core-Lokt PSP

Average: 2864

High: 3033

Low: 2807

Factory: 2820



150gr Custom SST

Average: 2841

High: 2852

Low: 2823

Factory: 2820



150gr Soft Point Power Shok

Average: 2900

High: 2924

Low: 2876

Factory: 2820



150gr PowerMax Bonded Protected Hollow Point

Average: 2872

High: 2910

Low: 2838

Factory: 2820


I used the factory 5 and 10 round plastic magazines, as well as the Csspecs 10 round stamped metal magazines. The factory mags worked fine. Initial feeding of the first round with the Csspecs magazines was stiff, requiring a forward assist with the charging handle. This disappeared completely after the second full magazine. The factory magazines lock into place with some side to side wiggle. The Csspecs magazine wedges in with no play at all. I say wedges, because there is no click when it is in place. This is because this magazine uses a slightly different method of magazine retention.


Over all, I am very happy with my new VEPR. Two things i will definately change is the rear sight and the scope mount. I shoot better with a rear aperture, even if it isn't close to my eye, so I am going to try the Mojo Microclick sight. Also, the Molot scope mount with built in 1" scope rings does not allow front to back adjustment of the scope for eye relief, so I will try one with a picatinny rail and separate rings.

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I'm 2 days out from a major camping trip. You'll have to wait a week or two. Or, see an example at Atlantic Firearms.


However, I'm glad you found it useless.

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^ You'll need a thicker skin if you're gonna last on this forum. :D It's natural to want pics when someone's posting about their new rifle.


Stock photos just ain't the same.


Thanks for the data, though. When you have time, some pics of groups would be nice too, so we can compare em to Saiga .308s.

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Um, I guess I'll have to turn the Sarcasm Dial up a little more. Yeah, I know, EVERYONE wants pics. Hopefully, in about a week. I gots too much on my late.


On another note, I replaced the trigger and disconnector today. If the thumbhole stock counts as 2 parts, then that brings my VEPR down to 10. If its only one part, then yippie, its down to nine. Any way you look at it, Its legal with 20 round mags now. For anyone else that plans on replacing their VEPR 308 trigger, use the Arsenal 2 stage single hook with disconnector. It is a very easy install with minimal fitting. You need to trim a half milimeter of steel off of either the safety lever or the disconnector. I chose the safety lever, as it is a non-essential location. I also tried both the RSA adjustable trigger and the Tapco G2 trigger. Both require muck more modification of parts, and the hook profile is much shorter than the OEM trigger. The Arsenal has an identical porfile. I installed a lower weight Wolff disconnector spring. Trigger pull weight has dropped at least a pound, and the grittiness in the uptake is almost gone. However, now it behaves like a long pull single stage trigger with a good surprise break.


I did not replace the hammer as it has a radically different profile from the standard AK hammer. This will be apparent when I finally post pictures.


I removed the rear sight and replaced it with the Mojo Micro Click sight. My first impression is that it is faster, but the aperture is too large. I'll be contacting Mojo to see if they have smaller apertures.


Finally, I removed the pinned muzzle nut and replaced it with Krebs Custom M16A2 cage. The rifle doesn't need a muzzle brake, nor a flash suppressor. But when shooting prone it does kick up a bit of dust, and I wanted to reduce that. The cage is short and does reduce dust kick up, so I put it on.


If I were to replace the buttstock, I would want that Magpul on with the adjustable length and comb height. I have one on an AR that I really like.

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Great review. To mount the Magpul stock you should seriously consider the Bonesteel Arms / CNC Warrior folder with a dedicated VEPR slant cut receiver mount.

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Damn, with the 27" barrel, it looks ridiculous but it also looks awesome at the same time!


Definitely interested in hearing more accuracy reports when you get around to it.

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The temperature dropped to 100 degrees today, with a nice breeze, so I packed up and ran over to the county shooting park.


Well, this rifle is definately ammo sensitive, as neither Hornady Custom 150gr SST, nor Custom 150gr BTSP, nor Superformance 150gr SST could hold a consistant group.


Bitterroot Valley 150gr reloads (the cheap stuff) could hold 3" groups at 100 yards with iron sights, and 6" to 8" groups at 200 yards, also with irons.


Unfortunately, I didn't bring other brands of ammo to test, and didn't spend enough time with the BV ammo with the scope.


Next time, I'll probably bring a sellection of Reminton ammo to test.

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